Organization of VISTA

The VISTA-programme is led by the VISTA board, with representatives from both The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters and Equinor.

VISTA is administered by a coordinator from The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters and Equinor's program manager. Each research area is led by a scientific committee consisting of a division head from Equinor and a board member from The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters.

VISTA board 2018:
Anders Elverhøi, Professor in Geology, University of Oslo, Chair
Tor Ulleberg, Vice President, Equinor
Tor Grande, Professor of Materials Chemistry, NTNU
Elisabeth Alve, Professor in Micropaleontology, University of Oslo
Alex Hansen, Professor of Physics, NTNU
Ole M. Sejersted, Professor in Medicine, University of Oslo
Lise Øvreås, Professor of Marine Microbiology, University of Bergen
Roger Sollie, Project manager, Equinor


Kjetil Skaugset, Program Manager, Equinor
Pål Pettersen, VISTA coordinator, DNVA. Phone: 415 10 974
Richard Kvile, accountant, DNVA

Research areas

Kjell Sunde, Division head, Equinor. E-mail: kjesu@statoil.com
Elisabeth Alve, UIO
Anders Elverhøi, UIO

Improved recovery:
Kent Holing , Division head, Equinor. E-mail: kho@statoil.com
Alex Hansen, NTNU

Christian Collin Hansen, Division head, Equinor. E-mail: chrc@statoil.com
Lise Øvreås, UiB

Future development and operations:
Kjetil Skaugset, Division head, Equinor. E-mail: kjska@statoil.com
Tor Grande, NTNU

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