New VISTA centre will model fluid flow in porous media

The VISTA centre at The University of Bergen will study fluid flows.

Professor of applied mathematics Inga Berre at the University of Bergen heads a VISTA research centre that will develop basic knowledge about how fluids flow in porous media. The knowledge can be applied to groundwater management, production of hydrocarbons and geothermal energy, subsurface storage of energy, and storage of CO2or wastewater.

Fluid flow can also alter the properties of the rock or soil and have consequences on the soil surface.

- This is crucial knowledge for understanding how oil, gas and water move and interact with surrounding media. At the same time, this is knowledge that can be used to understand how the blood moves around the body and interacts with surrounding matter there, says Professor Ole M Sejersted, chair of the board of VISTA.

Ole M. SejerstedOle M. Sejersted

The VISTA centre will bring outstanding interdisciplinary mathematicians jointly with geoscientist and data analysts from many countries on board.

- We attach great importance to both developing basic knowledge and educating the next generation of experts in this field, says Professor Inga Berre.

Inga Berre (Foto: Eivind Senneset / UiB) Inga Berre (Foto: Eivind Senneset / UiB)

The expert group that has chosen the centre has considered it "an exceptional project", and says that it consists of a highly competent group mainly from the University of Bergen. The centre will exist for five years and will receive NOK 5 million per year for five years through the VISTA agreement, which is a basic research collaboration between Equinor and the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters.

The University of Bergen is contributing internal funds.

The work on a number of UN Sustainable Development Goals requires insight that the centre will develop, particularly the goals for health (3), clean water (6), affordable and clean energy (7), climate action (13) and life below water (14) and on land (15).

A total of eight applications for centres were submitted.

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