Research Area: Exploration

Modeling of geophysical data from the area west of Bjørnøya

Project Number: 6253
Project Duration: 1.August 2008 - 31. July 2011

Project Director: Rolf Mjelde
Division Head: Lasse Amundsen


As a part of the International Polar Year (IPY) project "The dynamic continental margin between the mid-Atlantic ridge system and the Bear Island Region" two OBS (ocean-bottom seismometer) profiles were acquired west of Bjørnøya in August 2008. In this Vista project these data have been modeled in order to obtain the crustal and upper mantle structure on the continental margin and in the deep ocean basin west of Bjørnøya. The main objective was to study how the crustal structure changes between the western Barents Sea and the deep Norwegian-Greenland Sea. More specifically we wanted to map the position of the continent-ocean transition zone on the central parts of the western Barents Sea continental margin, the thickness of the oceanic crust generated by the northern Mohns Ridge and the southern Knipovich Ridge, and the crustal structure below the Early Eocene volcanic flows in Vestbakken Volcanic Province.

Scholar: Audun Libak

E-mail: audunlib@online.no
Institution: UIB


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Tel: +47 22 84 15 00 / +47 415 10 974
E-mail: vista@dnva.no