Research Area: Improved recovery

Impact of fault envelope architecture on reservoir fluid flow

Project Number: 6348
Project Duration: 1. September 2010 - 31. August 2013

Project Director: Jan Tveranger, Uni CIPR
Division Head: Lars Hier


The main object of the project is to study fluid flow behaviour in fault zones using reservoir models that capture explicit fault envelope architecture and properties (fault facies models). The study will investigate the potential of these models by focussing on key issues related to the employment of explicit fault architectures in reservoir models including up-scaling of these models for simulation purposes and how to employ the methods in scenarios involving intersecting faults. Results will be utilized to establish improved routines for fault facies modelling and perform a comparative benchmark study of a fault facies type model and a model using conventional fault modelling tools. The benchmark will involve a sector model of a realistic case.

Scholar: Dmitryi Kolyukhin

E-mail: dmitriy.kolyukhin@uni.no
Institution: Uni CIPR

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